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Welcome dude.

THINK DANK is a project dedicated to providing awesome original media and content for people to enjoy.

I write about everything from current events, to cinema, music, cocktails, and politics, it very much depends on the day and the mood I'm in. If you're expecting another generic niche, over-SEO'd blog then buddy strap in because this blog is a loosely controlled chaos of entertainment.

As for me and who I am? I'm a man who's had many lifetimes. I've worked in entertainment as a promoter and producer, I've run more than a couple of parties in my time, I've been a hobbyist blogger for the better part of five years, and I've got nearly a decade in the tech sector hobnobbing it with the executive floor of some of the biggest gaming, media, and fintech companies the world over. Basically, that's a fancy way of saying "I've seen some shit man." 

These days I make my home in the Florida of Canada, known as the Okanagan, and It's from here that most event-related content will be generated. 

I hope the content I write can make you laugh, smile, and even get mad sometimes. I want THINK DANK to become your hub to discover cool things happening today and a central source for genuine content.

So relax, stay awhile, and remember
Safety Third.

-Nicholas Prouten